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She slipped out of bed, put on her kimono, and hurriedly
tied the big -sash. Leaning toward the door, she said, " He's
talking now, I can hear him."

Mr. Munn got out of bed.

Then, there was the heavy sound of Mr. Christian's
feet hurrying up the stairs, and his voice calling, "Perse!

The girl stood rigidly in the middle of the room, then she
motioned toward the door. "Go to the door," she ordered,
" stop him. I can't get out," and she darted toward the corner
of the room between the door and the windows, and flattened
herself there against the wall in the deepest shadow. Mr.
Munn, moving toward the door, caught a glimpse of her
face, a whiteness there in the corner, but he could not make
out its expression.

Mr. Christian was beating on the door and calling, " Perse!

Mr. Munn opened the door.

"The telephone," Mr. Christian exclaimed, "they want
you on the telephone; your house, they say-----"

Mr. Munn seized Mr. Christian by the arm and drew him
into the hall. " All right," he said, and ran down the stairs
toward the telephone. Mr. Christian stood at the head of the
stairs looking down at him. With his eyes fixed on Mr.
Christian's figure there above him, Mr. Munn picked up the
dangling receiver, and spoke into the telephone. " Yes?" he

It was one of the negroes from his place, breathless and
gasping as from running and incoherent with excitement.
The house, the negro managed to say, was burning up. It
was almost gone now. He had run as hard as he could over
to Mr. Goodwood's place to call up. But the house was about

He ran into his room, seized his clothes and boots, and
came back to the door to block Mr. Christian just at the sill.
Out of the corner of his eye he had caught sight of Lucille
Christian still pressed against the wall in her corner. He